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Reading Inside Out, LLC

Dyslexia Tutoring and Screening


All the books she has read this summer; she's also been reading to her younger sister at bedtime! Thank you, thank you for all your help!! 7/11/17

Towards the end of second grade, my son Ben, started really struggling with school, especially reading and writing. My husband and I took him to doctors, therapists, and worked with the school. He was being treated for ADHD but this diagnosis alone did not explain Ben’s problems in school. After listening to my concerns and frustrations related to Ben, my neighbor and friend, Tammy Armstrong, suggested that he might have dyslexia. Long story short, Ben was diagnosed with dyslexia and started tutoring with Tammy at the beginning of third grade. He has worked with Tammy for the last 3 years and has grown by leaps and bounds. ! Homework used to be a crying, arguing event every night. Ben’s confidence and self-image suffered because he felt stupid. After working with Tammy, Ben is able to complete his homework independently and with confidence. His schoolwork is grade level and he actually enjoys school. ! Ben’s elementary school tried several different literacy interventions, none of which were successful, just added additional layers of confusion. Using the Barton method, Tammy taught Ben literacy strategies that will be lifelong skills he can use in school and career. ! Working with Tammy has simplified homework, improved family time, and reduced stress related to school. It is well worth the time and financial commitment to give Ben skills that will last a lifetime. 10/30/16

My son, who is 10 years old, has been empowered by attending tutoring with Tammy Armstrong. The Barton program tutoring has changed his life. I do not say that lightly. My son's attitude about school, and himself, has greatly changed for the better. He is currently on level 5. The program has given him information he needed to crack the reading code. Dawn Smith

Dear Ms. Tammy,

I wanted to write you a letter to let you know, how much you have helped me learn how to read, write and spell. You are so nice, and funny. I love being with you. You build me up and make me feel good and warm! Steve and Trixie are lots of fun too!

Thank you for all of your help. Love, Will

P.S. The candy is not to shabby either!!!

"My son Aiden had been tutoring with an experienced elementary school teacher for 2 years, with little results. He had been unable to retain letters and sounds. Reading seemed out of his reach. Once we discovered that he was dyslexic, I learned that a specific teaching method would be most beneficial. Our family has been blessed to find Tammy Armstrong. She is a certified dyslexic method instructor with the Barton Reading and Spelling System. These past 4 months have truly been miraculous! Aiden is now reading sentences. His self confidence has sky rocketed. Ms. Tammy is not only a gifted teacher, her kind and loving demeanor has been truly life changing. I am so grateful for her expertise and would HIGHLY recommend her and this teaching method.”-Angela

"I have been teaching at the elementary school level for almost 10 years. Every year I encounter students who struggle with reading. We try interventions at school with little change and I watch students get more and more frustrated and behind. This school year I have a student that has been working with Tammy Armstrong. He started working with her at the end of the previous school year. Not only has this child's reading, writing and spelling improved but his self confidence and self esteem have sky rocketed as well. As soon as I saw this dramatic improvement I immediately contacted Tammy to see if I could use her strategies with other students that I felt were dealing with undiagnosed dyslexia. Tammy was more than willing to share her knowledge and materials with me because she truly wants to make education easier on kids who struggle with dyslexia. The materials I have used have made a clear difference for my other students and I am thrilled to see them "getting it" and feel more confident. I would highly recommend Tammy Armstrong if you think there is a chance that your child is gifted with dyslexia. From a teaching perspective, her patience and understanding is unparalleled but as a parent I appreciate her honest and no-nonsense approach as well." - Mrs. Alexander